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Welcome to Mirarbindo Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

We are the best protector of your valuables because we believe in strength, security & safety.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of physical security product in India. Our products are used by government
department, banks, financial institutes & jewellery stores etc….

Our products are more reliable & trusted with the certification of B.I.S , T.U.V We have our own in house lock division R&D department to provide you more innovation in terms of security & strength in product. Our all products pass through quality control department.

We have build a confidence of reliability and service with due course of time.

"Manufacturer of Vault Door, Heavy Safe, Fire Resistant Safe, Electronic Safe."

Mirarbindo Engineering Pvt.Ltd

Why BMS Safe ?

  •    Only company in India who provide S.S cladding on Door.
  •    Fully customize option.
  •    Advance high security electronic locking system.
  •    Own mechanical lock manufacturing unit.
  •    B.I.S , & T.U.V certificates.
  •    Mirarbindo’s working formation is as per ISO: 9001 Which complies of best production assurance.


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