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Welcome to Mirarbindo Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

We are the best protector of your valuables because we believe in strength, security & safety.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of physical security product in India. Our products are used by government
department, banks, financial institutes & jewellery stores etc….

Our products are more reliable & trusted with the certification of B.I.S , T.U.V We have our own in house lock division R&D department to provide you more innovation in terms of security & strength in product. Our all products pass through quality control department.

We have build a confidence of reliability and service with due course of time.

"Manufacturer of Vault Door, Heavy Safe, Fire Resistant Safe, Electronic Safe, Steelage Safe, Godrej Safe."

Mirarbindo Engineering Pvt.Ltd

Why BMS Safe ?

  •    Only company in India who provide S.S cladding on Door.
  •    Fully customize option.
  •    Advance high security electronic locking system.
  •    Own mechanical lock manufacturing unit.
  •    B.I.S , & T.U.V certificates.
  •    Mirarbindo’s working formation is as per ISO: 9001 Which complies of best production assurance.


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